AIA Division


  • Lead monitoring *
  • Asbestos monitoring *
  • Heat stress monitoring
  • Cold stress monitoring
  • Ventilation testing *
  • Illumination surveys
  • Dust monitoring *
  • Gas sampling & analysis *
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Risk assessments
  • Iso-Kinetic stack sampling
  • Noise surveys *
  • Air pollution surveys
  • Ground pollution surveys
  • Water pollution surveys
  • Hazardous chemical substances *
  • Bio-aerosal sampling
  • Chemical water analysis
  • Surface Air Sampler calibration verification
  • Whole body vibration surveys
  • Segmental vibration surveys
  • Biosafety cabinet testing *
* ISO/SANS 17020 accredited. See schedule of accreditation

Occupational Hygiene Services

Air Pollution Studies

Airport Noise Monitoring

Area noise monitoring


Bio-aerosol Testing

Chemical Exposure Testing, Siguiri, Guinea

Dust Exposure Monitoring


Ergonomics Studies, Banjul, The Gambia

Ergonomics Studies

Facilities Hygiene Audit1


Facilities Hygiene Audit

Hand-arm Vibration Testing

Heat Stress Survey


Iso-kinetic Stack Sampling

Noise & Fume Sampling, Entebbe, Uganda

Noise Survey, Guinea


Office Ergonomics Studies

Volatile Organic Fume Testing, Madagascar

Whole Body Vibration Testing


Bioaerosol Testing

Heatstress Measurement

Illumination Measurement


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Noise Measurement

Ventilation Testing


Vibration Monitoring