(VDH® Emergency Evacuation Torch used in hotel rooms.)

(VDH® Emergency Evacuation Flashlight used in workshops.)

(VDH® Emergency Evacuation Torch used in the home.)

(VDH® Emergency Evacuation Torch used in kitchens.)

(VDH® Emergency Evacuation Torch used in security offices)



VDH Emergency Torch
Your answer to Emergency Lighting !

Let there be light…to shine through darkness when you need it. When the lights go out during a power failure, you search for matches, lighters, candles, flashlights or anything that could provide light - and usually can't find it. You may also run the risk of bumping valuable items over, knocking against objects and even perhaps injuring yourself.

When you do find the matches and candles, you might create another hazard - an open flame that could set your environment alight if not properly controlled. And you always have to clean up the candle's wax after it dripped just about everywhere. Yes, all of us have experienced sudden unwanted darkness at some time or another, but that is something of the past when you are the proud user of a VDH® Emergency Evacuation Torch.

Cost effective Whether for a home or a huge office block with hundreds of offices, no emergency lighting system can be cheaper than the VDH® Emergency Evacuation Torch - even if all offices and rooms are fitted with one! Compare the cost of a generator-driven emergency lighting system with this easy-to-use product and place your order now


This torch will not fail as generators do due to poor maintenance, fuel shortage or electrical short-circuiting. You grab it, pull it out of the holder, and the light is on ! It is powered by 2 D-size batteries - you can buy it anywhere.

Legal compliance

Now you can comply with the requirements for emergency lighting in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act - it is so cheap, why wait any longer for an accident due to no emergency lighting system?

Glow in the dark

The evacuation system sign will glow in the dark to indicate the location of the torch. You don't have to search for it - just grab it !

Safety seal

Use the safety seal to keep the flashlight in it's place - when it is broken, you must check the batteries as part of your safety inspection.

Stylish design

It looks good in an office, bedroom, boardroom, workshop and even in an art gallery !


Hotel rooms, offices, home, security checkpoints, workshops, toilets, laboratories, mines, hospitals, schools, halls, military installations or any place where light is needed.


The torch is made of high-strength plastic and it does not contain any toxic substances.

Light source

It uses a 2.5V 0.5A bulb to ensure a highly concentrated light emission.

Easy to install

Use double sided tape or drill two tiny holes in the wall for swift installation - anybody can do it !


Light up and order now.
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