VDH Wagon - Click here to download the brochure

The VDH Wagon is a utility wagon, garden cart, firewood hauler, manure cart, dump cart, wheelbarrow and ATV or lawnmover ride-on tractor trailer. All in one wagon.

  • Ergonmics wise. Pulling takes less energy than pushing and less force is needed for pulling a load compared to pushing a load.
  • Only one person can ubload it using on hand only - even when fully loaded.
  • Capacity of 200 litres - almost three times more than a wheelbarrow
  • Moves easily over rocks, uneven terrain, wet soil and grass
  • Minute turning circle to work within restricted spaces.
  • Can tip 90 degrees - nothing stays behind in the loadbox
  • Fits through standard doors and garden gates
  • Inflatable tyres for easier movement
  • Won't tip over when unloading
  • Towable (optional extra)
  • Low maintenance

Introductory offer! - Only R 4299 (ex VAT)